Social Switch v0.5.x 🎵

Now with TikTok and a redesigned pop-up

Edited May 12, 2024

Social Switch v1.0: Finally, Firefox

Social Switch Pop-up

For this new release, a new pop-up with a more careful design and redirection of TikTok profiles ( to the web viewers UrleBird and Xaller.

In the promotion of the latest release, I was questioned on Mastodon about whether this extension is a kind of Instagram-only version of LibRedirect. I responded that LibRedirect only uses open-source services, and not all instances are always available. That's why I created this extension.

Furthermore, I added the following note to the GitHub repository:

For those seeking an alternative redirection for open-source instances, I recommend using the LibRedirect extension. The Social Switch extension aims to streamline access to web viewers that are more stable and facilitate the download of assets from both Instagram and TikTok. It targets users who prefer these anonymous but closed-source platforms.

This extension is not affiliated with Instagram, TikTok, Picuki, Imginn, UrleBird, and Xaller.

I am conducting tests to stop using the chrome.tabs API and implement something more suitable for redirection, such as webNavigation or declarativeNetRequest, in addition to tests for the Firefox Add-on.

Install the Social Switch from the Chrome Web Store.


What's Changed

  • Add TikTok user URL via UrleBird and Xaller
  • Add Supported URLs info (new page)
  • Update UI
  • Update docs
  • Update GitHub action

Pull Request

TikTok and update UI #4


What's Changed

  • Fix TikTok redirection

Pull Request

Fix TikTok #5


What's Changed

  • Update icon file path

Pull Request

Update icon file path #6

by Claromes